Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016

Payment Method

Cash on delivery

How to order

Simply scroll through our product categories. Select your favorite items and add them to your cart.
Proceed with your purchase by supplying us with your delivery information and voila, your order is

How to guarantee preserving my right upon receiving an un-required product?

The payment is made upon receiving and you shall refuse any product that doesn’t comply with your order.

How much does it take?

within 24 hours

How to confirm my order?

you will receive a message to confirm your order via mobile and email

How to cancel my order?

your order can be easily cancelled prior the delivery phase as the delivery is made within 24 hours

Can I add something to my completed order prior delivery and how?

Yes you can easily add something to your order within the 24 hours phase

Where are those products made? Are they fake or original?

We have at our website supplying agreements with big pharmacies and some agents because we deal with them directly as being the distributor of their products. Accordingly our cosmetics are 100% original.

How to choose the most appropriate product for me?

Exploring the site freely so you can easily take advantage of the professional order of the products, discovering the categories groups of the “se7erk” recommendations and contacting with the customer service for medical consultations or advices.