Exchange & Returns

  • The general conditions of the refund and replacement:


-The purchasing invoice is necessary for refunding within 3 days or for replacement within 7 days as from the purchasing date

-The items must be in its original state without changing e.g. changing its color, being torn or the barcode is removed

-In case of refunding the offers items, all the offers groups’ items shall be refunded at its value during the offer time.


  • The special conditions of refund and replacement:


1-The product is not complying with the required:

If the refunding has been made upon reviewing the product and receiving it, this shall be valid without any restrictions while in case of the refunding after receiving, this shall require keeping the receipt “invoice” to follow up the matter in the site

2-The beauty cosmetics and other cosmetics that require special storage conditions:

We don’t accept any beauty cosmetics or any other cosmetics that require special storage conditions e.g. sensitive to temperature unless there is an error occurred in the products from our side.

3-The received damaged product

We are obliged to refund or replace the damaged product in case if you have received it damaged from our side upon delivery.