Privacy Policy

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

As you start visiting our website, you are now accepting the activities of the privacy notice, we are obliged to the privacy policy on our website only .The site is not liable to any content or privacy activities on any other site that is not affiliated to the website even it is associated to us.

We record information from your visit on our website, doubtfully we respect your privacy seeking to protect your personal information and offer serious security guarantee on the internet. Therefore, kindly read the privacy notification that explains how have we collect and use, under some circumstances we expose, your personal information and also clarifies the steps that have taken to secure your personal information besides clarifying your choices concerning collecting, using and exposing  your personal information.

1-Different ways of collecting information

(A)-registration and organization:

Prior to completing your order, you should complete registration by providing us with your personal information( name, address, email, the number of your credit card to apply online) This personal information shall be used to fulfill your order and contacting us concerning your order for the purposes of the invoice and the internal marketing

(B)The email addresses:

We receive your email address besides the registration for several purposes including: free promoting notification, notifying you with new brand, responding your previous requests and subscribe at the news bulletin via email

(c) Your volunteering in the competitions:

Where you choose exposing your information for us, as we use such information to notice the winners at the competition and granting prizes. We may publish the winners names and cities on our website.

(D)Cookies and other technological files:

The cookies are identified as small parts of information stored as text files on your computer via your internet browser. All the web browsers are assigned at the very beginning to accept such files; you can decline or remove them from your computer at any time. Hence, you won’t be able to use and reach some parts of this site.

We are supposed to use your cookies to identify you and your connection privileges, accelerate your surfing on the site and tracking your usage to determine the products and put them in shopping casket then purchasing them. Finally, we record a file on your browsing activity.

We may use external advertisements companies to assist us in making the site content for the users or to put advertisements on our behalf, these companies may use the cookies and the website signals to measure the advertising efficiency, however, the information gathered by those external entities via the cookies and the website signals doesn’t relate to the information gathered by the website.

The web server identifies automatically the URL address that you are signed from.  We may also register LP address, ISP, date and time seal for system management, verify the request, internal shopping and identify and fix the system errors.


(E) Age:

We respect the children privacy; we don’t intentionally or haphazardly gather personal information of children less than 13 years on this site. If you are less than 13 years old, kindly don’t send any personal information to us and if you have completed your registration then you have forged that your are 18 years old or using the website under the supervision of one your parents or a guardian

(F) The product reviews

Upon posting a comment, you have chosen to expose your email and geographical location and also if you send a review of exposing your geographical location to the users (with keeping the email address) we can also read or use any identification information as part of your review from other users. We are not liable upon any personal identification information that you have chosen to send them as part of your review. You should make a useful review without exposing any personal information

2-Our usage of the information gathered from the clients;

  • Facilitating your usage on the website and avoiding re-posting the information

         (By making personal account including the basic information for contacting and receiving the         products)

  • Assigning your experience and make it more suitable for you

     (Your information helps for better response concerning your individual needs)

  • Improving our website on the internet

      (We seek continually to improve our offers on the basis of the information and the remarks we receive from you)

  • Improving the customer service

(Your information helps us to have an effective response upon the customer services requests and the support needs)

  • Concluding the purchasing transaction processing

(Your information, whether public or private, shall not be sold, replaced, transferred or granted to any other company for any reason without your approval notwithstanding the explicit purpose of delivering the product or the service that has been purchased and requested by the client.)

  • sending periodical email messages

(We can use the email address provided to process the order to send information and updates concerning your order besides the company’s news and updates besides the products information or the related services…..etc)

Note: if you want to unsubscribe from such messages on your website, we attach below the detailed unsubscribing instructions at the email message.

  • Managing a competition, promotion, survey or any other advantage at the website

(If you don’t want to receive any of the company’s promotions, kindly “postpone” its receiving by following the instructions stated at each contact or by sending an email to the company)

  • contact or notifying you

(You may send you a notification regarding the service on special occasions, when necessary, for example if we must postpone our service for a while for maintenance)


3-The external usage (exposing and disclosing your information)

We don’t sell, rent, authorize, or disclose your personal or financial information to any person except at the following cases:

  1. Upon assigning others to undertake specific tasks on our behalf, for example, for delivering the products for you, we need to provide such entities with some of your personal information e.g. name, address, email and phone number.
  2. To assist you in purchasing the product, we should provide your credit card number to the processing companies of the credit cards to obtain permission and for the exporters as well. In such case we use the developed date encryption to protect your information
  3. All the legal affairs as per the law that requires disclosing your information to protect our legal rights and the others’ as well and imposing the usage conditions and other agreements. for example, reduce the risks of impersonation or if anyone is using or attempting to use our site for any illegal reasons or commit impersonation
  4. We won’t sell your personal information to other companies as part of our ordinary workflow. However, we might acquire, merge or subscribe at other company or act any at  some or all of our assets, at such cases your personal information shall be exposed to other company enforcing to the applicable privacy notification
  5. We may share your impersonal information, that doesn’t expose your identity,( e.g. the number of the daily traffic at certain page at the website or an order has been submitted at certain date) with third parties e.g. advertising company.