Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream 50ml

Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream A natural & safe Cream that effectively Lightens soothes & rejuvenates Darkened Skin in the bikini line, inner tHighs, intimate zone & underarms For a smooth,Blemish -Free, unified Skin-tone.

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    Beesline Whitening Sensitive Zone Cream ingredients from the bees Beeswax BEESWAX (Cera Apis Mellifera) is a nutritious substance Rich in VitaminA, beneficial to cell reconstruction and in specific fatty Acids, compatible with Skin Lipids. Beeswax acts as an emollint and humectant to regenerate and soften Skin by drawing moisture to the surFace and sealing it in. from nature Boldo bark BOLDO (Peumus Boldus) is a small evergreen tree native to Chile and Peru. From the bark, we Extract the diacetyl-boldine (LumiSkin), a powerful Antioxidant and cell Protector that also Whitens Skin by Controlling its melanin production. Boldo bark provides strong rejuvenating and Anti-ageing effects.
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