Derma E Hand Cream age Defying 113gm

Derma E Hand Cream age Defying Antioxidant-Rich Olive Oil helps to Protect Hands from damaging environmental elements. MSM soothes and softens Skin while Conditioning Nails and cuticles. Aloe and Cucumber Extracts calm and Nourish For smooth, Noticeably younger-looking Hands.

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    Derma E Hand Cream age Defying With MSM, green tea, olive, aloe and VitaminE. Natural Solution: age Reverse. All. SkinCare Solutions. Natural ingredients. Cruelty-Free. Paraben-Free. Eco-friendly. Moisturizes Dry Skin and cuticles. For softer, smoother and younger looking Hands. age Defying Hand Creme helps Reverse the visible signs of aging, relieve Dry Skin and support Nail and cuticle health. Formulated with Antioxidants and botanicals including green tea, olive, aloe and cucumber as well as the remarkable sulfur-containing compound MSM.
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