Garnier Light Oil Control Fairness Cream 20ml The product represents another option for skin care within Garnier, specifically helpful to those who can benefit from oil control – it is being launched in follow up to the acclaimed Garnier Light SPF 15 cream introduced last year, to ensure those looking for good skin care options, have two solid ones. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Oil Control gives the skin shine free fairness through its oil trapping technology, coupled with the lightening efficacy of natural lemon essence. Garnier SN Light Oil Control ensures that skin remains shine free for as long as up to 8 hours and can be used through all seasons. Regular use of Garnier SN light Oil Control also lightens the skin tone and fades out acne marks. Like all Garnier Light Skin Naturals Products, Skin Naturals Light Oil Control has been dermatologically tested for tolerance and efficacy of the product is proven. The cream will be available in two tubes of 20 ml and 40 ml sizes. It claims: Lightens skin tone. Fades out acne marks. Reduces excess oils. 8 hours shine free look.

SAR 14.00