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This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Welcome to our usage terms and conditions. Kindly read them carefully before submitting your order. By using the site, registering or making an order, you shall be complied with the clauses and conditions stated below.

These clauses and conditions shall represent the final and full agreement of the parties, no amendment shall be applied herein unless one of our representatives have signed and authenticate such amendment. If it’s proved that any of the clauses or conditions is not valid from a jurisdiction competent court, this announcement or seizure shall not affect the validity of the other conditions and clauses

Notice: we may make any amendments in these clauses and conditions from time to time or terminate some of them without a prior notice. The termination of any of the clauses herein shall not affect the rights and liabilities including but not limited to the payment liabilities of the completed transactions prior the termination date.

The copyrights:

The copyrights of the site content including but not limited to the stipulations and the drawings, are a collective action in pursuant to the copy and publication laws. All the copyrights are reserved and owned by www.se7rek.com and the collective work shall include the certified works of the site.

The permission of copying or printing shall be granted by the site for the purposes of submitting request with se7rek.com or purchasing the products of the site. Any other usage shall be prohibited including but not limited to copying, distributing, presenting or transferring content in this site unless otherwise provided from the site and shall also approve upon not amending any property notices or delete them for the subjects that are downloaded from the site.

Responsibility assignment:

The site shall not be liable upon any damages resulted from or ancillary to the usage or the inability of using the subjects found in the site or liable upon the products performance even if the site was noticed with the availability of such damages.

The typographical errors:

we are working hardly in www.se7rek.com upon providing the adequate information of the products and its prices. In case of any error concerning the prices, it is entitled for the site upon the sole discretion hereof to refuse or repeal any requests that have been submitted to this element and shall notify you with the repealing and may call you, prior to such notification, for obtaining the instructions concerning such repealing.

Preserving the public decency:

The harassment of any type or using any bad language is prohibited on the site or via e-mail or chatting.  
It’s prohibited to impersonate others visitors or members including the site or its employees, hosts or other representatives. It’s not allowed to download, distribute or publish any illegal, abusive, harassing or vulgar or threatening content that violates the privacy or the advertising rights or any other contents that may constitute or encourage on committing criminal crimes towards any party and the resulted liabilities and violation of any law. It is also not allowed to download any commercial content on the site or use the site to attract others to join any commercial service via the internet or another organization.


The displayed products quotation currency

The products displayed on se7rek.com shall be sold in Saudi Riyal and the displayed prices shall be obligatory for our transactions except for any individual cases occuring due to the typographical errors concerning the quotation beside any shipping cost.

Orders acceptance:

All the orders shall be subjected to verification of the written prices prior shipping. Any shipment that has been subjected to verification, shall be deemed unaccepted.


We are obliged to the maximum limit of the suitable packaging standards. In case of any special requests from the client concerning the packaging; such cost shall be added to the order cost.